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Time for you

This place is designed to help inspire you with your course homework;

'Find an hour in your busy lives to mindfully take time for you'

There are many ways that you might do this, here are a few ideas to help inspire you:

  • A hot bath with your favourite salts, candles & soft sounds

  • A walk in the woods alone or with loved ones taking note of nature's sights, sounds & smells

  • Taking exercise to lift your pulse & spirits

  • Spend quality time on your guitar or favourite instrument or perhaps write a poem

  • If cooking is a passion then cook something inspired

  • Learn something new; Spanish perhaps? a TED lecture? meditation? Tai Chi?

  • One hour quietly away from all distraction just to be

  • Walk in your garden noticing the plants, birds, insects & shadows, not the chores that remain to be done

  • Write a bucket list to capture the things you really want to see & do

  • Finally if you tried but could not prioritise the time for you, then pause a moment & reflect on the reasons for this & whether this helps inform you about your life at the moment, that can be equally valuable as well

'Notice what you notice'

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