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The 'Easy8'

Acid Test;

how to choose your training provider

Here we boil the fat out of how to choose your mental health and wellbeing training provider using an easy no-nonsense checklist approach.




1  Are they qualified mental health professionals?

In other words, do they really know what they are talking about and are they able to answer difficult questions in an informed way

2  Do they have an established history of delivering training in this field?

Is this their core business i.e. specialists, or just generic training providers who have ‘bolted on’ mental health to other training?

Do they have many years of experience in the field of mental health?

Beyond holding qualifications are they able to evidence years of hands on experience, mis-information is worse than no information

Are they experienced trainers qualified to deliver the specific package?

Some formats, for example Mental Health First Aid England courses, require instructors to be licensed to deliver – make sure they are

5  Are they able to adapt or design bespoke material to meet your specific needs?

Your provider should be able to create training packages in line with your needs - perhaps men’s M/H, Aspergers or for it to tie into existing employee assistance schemes

Are they able to provide further support?

e.g. support to roll out wellbeing initiatives, advanced training, supervision, coaching etc

7  Have they had significant management experience?

Thus able to understand the implications and day to day realities of managing mental health in the workplace for managers

8  Do they have an established list of customers and testimonials?

Good providers will have established an impressive list of customers across differing sectors

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