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Specialist training provided to 550 NHS psychiatric staff
"A fantastic instructor and has inspired me to want to learn more and offer support more effectively in the workplace" – Cambridge University
"Our instructor had 45yrs professional experience in psychiatry & it showed"

Mental Health Training by Mental Health Professionals


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 Get Mental Health Training

Founded in Cambridge UK to provide business with the mental health skills required to promote staff wellbeing and organisational development

Did you know that 45% of all sickness absence is mental health related?

Mental health is a part of life in the same way as physical health yet it is often stigmatised and a lack of knowledge and support can delay help and recovery


We offer a wide range of training courses designed to raise awareness & increase skills & confidence in managing mental health including the new MHFA England First Aid course


We provide 1:1 supportive & dynamic sessions to explore your leadership identity & performance & a consultancy resource for organisations


"This has been the most informative training I have been on"

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Get Mental Health Training?

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